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Sedgefield Paragliding Site - Under owners management



Sedgeview is a great site that works most days & some days it can really be strong thermic conditions.

The site is controlled directly by owner. This is our best site for Tandem Flights and training. The site overlooks the official Slow Town of Sedgefield and we fly over near the town centre. The launch site is close to the N2 and only 5 minutes from Sedgefield centre. The site is only 15 minutes from its sister Town on Knysna. The site was originally established by John Collins who then asked the club to come help and clear the site. The site has been slowly expanded to what it is today with the help of the community and contributions from Skywings club.




UNDER OWNERS CONTROL. Pay your fees before flying site. Read sign boards at parking lot.

Max 350m ATO
Do not fly past the Pine trees 1.5 km to the West as the residents have objected to low flying Paragliders.
Parking space at take-off is limited, so please double up where possible.



Do not scratch close to the tree as it can become quite turbulent.
Watch out for sudden increases in wind speed.
Before attempting any Cross Country flights make sure that you have a designated recovery driver and communication gear .

Site records

Flights to Rheendal 15 km Deon Borrett

Flights to Kleinkrantz 15 km Craig Richards

Flight to Map of Africa 25 ,5 km Deon Borrett


GPS coordinates: 34° 0'21.65"S  22°47'37.64"E



Fee Structure for 2012/2013


01.09.2012 – 31.08.2013



a)         Commercial Pilots:                                                                R2000.00 per annum


            i)          TFI -  Tandem Flying Instructors

            ii)         Paragliding Instructors training on site

            iii)        Paragliding Tour Guides


            These fees apply to each individual instructor or tour guide.

           If a commercial operator uses 2 instructors and one TFI for example:

          They each pay R2000.00


b)         Recreational Pilots:                                                               R200.00 per annum



c)         Visiting Pilots:                                                            R100.00 per

             Student Pilots                                                     duration of visit .Max 3 months

             Pilots in tour groups



d)         Food Vendors                                                                       R2000.00 per annum


Please note:  Fees for commercial and recreational pilots are for the whole year or part thereof.                  


Kindly note that the properties in the area are privately owned. Should the privilege of access to the flying site be abused, the site may be temporarily or permanently closed without prior notice. No fees will be refunded under such circumstances! 


Method of Payment:


Prior to flying from the Sedgeview site, the above fees must be paid into the following account and proof of payment must be produced on request and submitted to HE Rohwer via email on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


ABSA Savings a/c

Account holder: J C Rohwer

Account No.:     9174951061

Branch Code:     632005

Payment Reference:   ....................................  (Name, licence no.)